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Craig Wallace

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the accounting to us.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or you want to better manage your finances, good accounting services are essential. We're highly experienced in providing quality accounting services to both individuals and businesses. Whether you could use some guidance or simply want to make an informed decision, Craig Wallace of Smart Numbers Ltd is the right choice. We cover all your accounting needs and provide that external expert advice you can lean on as you navigate your future. Accounting, bookkeeping, taxation advice, all the necessary compliance required with the Inland Revenue Department, valuations for buying and selling a business, or for insurance needs and more. We take the time to understand what matters to you and focus on that.

Craig Wallace

Your Business Tax Specialist


Accounting Services

Accounting services are an important part of any company because they help businesses keep tabs on finances. With accounting services, you can rest assured knowing that your finances are being handled by the experts and will be done correctly every step of the way. This can relieve some stress on your shoulders as well as ensure your peace of mind when it comes to managing money.

Auditing & Review

We offer a great service for audit compliance, in such an ever changing environment. The process can be quite stressful when you need it to be, but we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver efficient and effective work when you need it the most. Our team will ease the pressure on clients and ensure there is minimal disruption.

There is no such thing as a standard audit. We deliver individual assessments using the most up-to-date technologies, resulting in complete findings that your stakeholders can trust.


Financial & Business Advisory

The ability to think strategically about the future might be crucial to running a long-term business. Our goal is to provide your company the flexibility it needs to avoid predictable problems and better respond to the unforeseen ones, and if you do run into problems, we'll be there to help you figure out how to get out of them. We don't simply want to tell you what your bottom line is; we want to help you improve it!

Lending Application Support

We're assisting you with your loan applications.Trusting us to handle your finances can give your business the stability it needs in the fast-paced digital age. We'll help keep you on track, save you time and money, and support you no matter how quickly change comes. We provide lending support to your application i.e Car loans,Home Loans, Business Loans etc.

Loan Application Support
Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Being a sole trader or running a chain of businesses, you’re still liable for tax.You can always rely on us when it comes to abiding with the law. We'll do all we can to help you reduce your tax bill too, without jeopardizing your responsibilities in any way.We help you reduce the administrative burden and ensure that your ACC levies payments don’t exceed what is necessary.

  • Compliance, governance and tax risk management

  • Tax due diligence in acquisitions and mergers

  • Structuring your business and ownership for the best tax outcome

  • Preparing your business for succession or a sale

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Inland Revenue reviews and audits

Rental Property Tax

Experience in providing property advice has allowed us to greatly assist and steer our existing clients in this often complex arena for investors. Many people have been left unsure about how to administer their obligations to different parties including the taxation aspects. Engaging with us can save a lot of undue stress and mistakes that often arise at the beginning of investment decisions that cannot be un-done easily down the track. We can provide the advice and assistance for you to create a solid investment plan.

Rental Property Tax
Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting

We assist with your cash flow forcasting and scenario planning. Track your cash flow and make better decisions about the future of your business with centralised tools like Xero or MYOB which create the platform to generate meaningful and professional output reports that you or your bank manager can utilise for important decisions both now and in the future.

Our goal is to make sure you have enough money in your pocket, so we provide insightful reports, budgets that match your needs and cashflow forecasts for all periods.

We can work with you to develop data driven, current data forecasts so your business can grow without any nasty cash flow surprises.

Why Choose Me

Proven Accounting Professionals

  • Smart

    We don't only work hard, We work smart. Our experience and skills gets the work done accurately. 

  • Connected

    We are affiliated and connected to different institutions that helps our processes quickly done. 

  • Local

    We are locally rooted with local connections in the community. We work with various local businesses.

  • Experienced

    With over 33 years of experience, We can assist you in your finances and accounting that needs to be improved. 


What My Clients Say?

Have done work for Craig with the implementation and running of their IT solution. Craig is always a pleasure to work for.

Terry Samuels

IT Technician / Consultant
Integrity First IT Pty Ltd

I recommend Craig to anyone who’s looking to undertake a new business venture. His experience with Accounting and Tax is great, and he also has good business coaching advice in the other areas that are important like staffing, legal and strategy areas too.

Victor Milne

Regional General Manager
Nando's New Zealand

“Smart Numbers, Craig have proved invaluable to us since we started working with them in 2019. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an excellent accountant to contact Craig. Apart from their accounting expertise in personal and corporate tax affairs they offer exceptional value, something you do not get from all accountants.”

Priya Dhiman

Co-Founder at Premium Clean

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