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Craig Wallace

Based in and around Auckland, I’ve spent over thirty years providing accounting for small to medium sized businesses.

Initially working inside Corporate Companies as Accountant and financial controller.

In 1999 I left a corporate paying job and created an export business for the production and sale in the horticultural sector. The business grew to be one of the larger players in the flower export market at that time. While that was in operation, kept a hand in the accounting and taxation world and from this steady growth, created Smart Numbers Ltd in 2008 This was around the time of the Global Economic crisis. Flower exports had effectively died and I was inundated with requests to help business people for financial advice and help steer businesses through those tough times.

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Accurate Record Keeping Is A Key Component To The Success Of Your Business.

With our diverse range of packages & flexible prices, we can offer accounting services to businesses of any size. Even if your business is small, know that you can count on us to provide all the support you need for your business.

Our accounting services are cost-effective and tailored to your budget. We work with you so that you will be comfortable working here.Setting up a budget can be intimidating, but fear not because we’re here to help you. With our expertise, you no longer need to worry about the complex process of taking care of finances all on your own.

The role of accountants is not limited to working with numbers only. We offer you a deep understanding of your company's performance. In fact, reliable accounting reports provide enough vital information about your company - which helps in the formation of proper business plans for the future.

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